How to Protect your MacBook data and make your Mac unuseable if it ever gets lost or stolen.

Let’s face it. With the popularity of Apple products also comes the popularity of them amongst theives. Also on rare occasions you can misplace your device. Apple has developed features such as Find my iPhone, and Find my Mac. Third party companies have developed similar Software. But the downfall of these types of Apps is that you have to be connected to the internet for them to work, and once the device is wiped they no longer work. With the upcoming release of iOS 7 the new activation lock feature addresses these concerns, but we are talking about MacBooks here, not iPhones and iPads.

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How to Securely Format your MacBook Data

Many of our customers are concerned about their data that is left on their Mac when they are in the process of selling it. We completely understand that concern, so every Mac we receive gets an industry standard secure format. Even though we securely format each and every Mac we receive, some customers ask us if it's ok if they do it themselves, and how to do it. So we figured we would write a how-to blog for customers who want the added peace of mind of formatting on their own.

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Resetting your iPhone or iPad before you sell it

Are you planning on selling your iPhone or iPad? Are you unsure how to reset it to remove all your personal information?

No problem, just follow this blog article and it will get you through the simple process.

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